Tuesday, June 2, 2009

SharePoint Membership Webpart

This out-of-box webpart displays your site memberships. In other words, it will list all the sites where you have memberships.

The basic criteria to get the membership feature to function correctly are
as follows:

- You need to have an SSP created and all your sites need to be associated
with it.

- Having access to a site and being a member of the site are two different
things. The users need to be part of the site's Members group.

How to confirm: If you navigate to the site you want to show up in your membership web part, then go to Site Actions / Site Settings / People and Groups. Click on Actions and Setup Groups. Once in this screen, insure that you are in the group that is listed in the section called Members.

How to setup: If you do not have a member group, you can create one by navigating to the site, Clicking on Site Actions / Site Settings / People and Groups / Actions / Setup Groups.

Site Memberships are all sites in which you are explicitly included in the "~Members" group for the site (where ~ is your site name). Other users who are also explicitly included in the ~Members group on those sites are suggested as your colleagues. This information is collected by a WSS profile synchronization timer job.

- You need to have a Office Search full crawl scheduled and at least 1
successful full crawl completed. The population of user memberships is also closely tied to the full SharePoint crawl schedule. After each addition/deletion of memberships, we must execute a full crawl.

- the membership functionality does not work with AD Groups (I know... it's silly). Each user has to be explicitly added to the Members group within the site.

Once you have all these components in place, the membership web part should
function correctly.

Note: There are couple of additional configurations which need to be performed. Although I have never faced any issues without these configurations, still I am mentioning them in case it helps somebody.

- In order for the Membership functionality to work correctly, you need to make sure the users are clicking on the "Set as default My Site" link in the top right corner of the My Site screen. Until they do this, the membership functions will not work.

- You are using Office 2007, then only you will be able to use this webpart to it's fullest.