Thursday, June 25, 2009

New to ASP.Net 2.0

1. Master Pages: It is meant for applying a consistent look and feel for a whole web site.It is a template for other pages, with shared layout and functionality. The master page defines placeholders for content pages. The result page is a combination (merge) of the master page and the content page.

2. Themes: It allow developers to create a customized look for web applications.

3. Web Parts: WebParts are all about personalization. It allows user customization of style and content based on User's preferences.

4. Navigation: Added controls like Site Maps, Dynamic HTML menus, Tree Views.

5. Security: Added controls like Login, LoginStatus, LoginName, LoginView, CreateUserWizard, PasswordRecovery.

6. Roles and Personalization: For storing user details.

7. Globalization: Improved support for multiple languages.

8. Data Access: Added new data controls, removing much of the need for programming and in-depth knowledge of data connections. E.g., SqlDataSource, AccessDataSource, XMLDataSource, ObjectDataSource, SiteMapDataSource.

9. Mobility Support: The Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit (MMIT) provided this support. MMIT is no longer needed because mobile support is built into all controls.

10. Images: Added new controls for handling images: The ImageMap control (image map support) and the DynamicImage control (image support for different browsers).

11. Automatic Compilation: All files within a directory will be compiled on the first run, including support for WSDL, and XSD files.

12. Compiled Deployment (Installation) and Source Protection: It provides pre-compilation. An entire web site can be pre-compiled. This provides an easy way to deploy (upload to a server) compiled applications, and because only compiled files are deployed, the source code is protected.

13. Site Management: It has three new features for web site configuration and management - Local management console, programmable management functions (API) and web-based management tool .

14. Development Tools: Visual Studio 2005

ASP.Net 2.0 has added numbers of new controls. You can find the complete list here along with their brief overview.