Saturday, February 21, 2009

YAHOO BOOKMARK - Best online Bookmarking site

Bookmarking is the best way to collect cool Web sites used to be to save them to your browser's menu of bookmarks or favorites. But the more you saved, the easier it was to lose track of the pages within an ever-growing list of folders.

YAHOO BOOKMARK is the most polished bookmark manager. It’s a neat and convenient way of storing your bookmarks online. All you need to have is a free Yahoo Account.


1. It is perfect for saving all your Bookmarks and Favorites Online. It acts and feels very much like your browser's built-in bookmark manager.
2. You can quickly access your Bookmarks and Favorites from any computer, anywhere in the world. You will never lose a site again.
3. There is a search feature. Even you can tag them with topics for easy searches.
5. Yahoo doesn’t let you share bookmarks with other internet users. It is not intended to be a social bookmark site like the others. Instead, it essentially allows you use your personal bookmark list at any computer.
6. You can seamlessly import your current bookmarks or export your Yahoo bookmarks using standard formats to import into any browser. It imported our existing Favorites, from Internet Explorer or Netscape, and presented them in the usual way. That includes retaining the original folders so you don’t have to waste any time re-filing them. Naturally you can add or manage those folders so that future bookmarks can be filed as you wish.
7. The service’s other impressive feature is the recently-added ability to export your Favorites out of Yahoo Bookmarks, making it a useful back-up service.
8. You can create multi-level folder(tree) structure and can organize your bookmarks more efficiently.
9. In some of the bookmarking sites, you always have to login again and again due to session end, but here you just need to login once and can use this toll untill you close your browser.
10. Yahoo Bookmarks is only really helpful if you have the Yahoo toolbar installed. You can add any sites in just one single click.

Things to improve:

1. When one click on a link, it open the link in the same window. There is no choice to open a link in a new window.
2. There is an extra level of redirection with each click. First it redirects to an internal Yahoo page, then to the actual URL.
3. Search is little bit slow and when try to edit a searched item, it is not showing the category where the particular link is placed.